Boxwood Estate Winery - Middleburg Virginia AVA


Boxwood Estate Winery Chai


The grapes are harvested by hand, destemmed and hand sorted at the press pad adjoining the chai. Whole berries are then transferred by a unique gravity system to custom stainless steel fermentation tanks ranging from 575 gallons to 1,750 gallons. Small tanks are open top fermenters that allow efficient punch downs. Large tanks are equipped with fixed pump-over pipes, to reduce the use of hoses, and custom sight gauges to calculate the contents of each tank. The fermentation is monitored by TankNet, a temperature control and fermentation information system.

Boxwood Estate Winery Cave


The circular cave is constructed below ground and maintains a constant temperature of 55 to 65 degrees. Wine is pumped internally through stainless steel pipes, to reduce the use of hoses, into oak barrels from the French forests of Alliers, Nevers, Tronçais and Jupé. using a select number of cooperages. Ana Sélection, Taransaud, Ermitage and Cavin. The wine is aged in barrels for up to twelve months. The barrels are replaced on a three year rotation.

Boxwood Estate Winery Bottling


After the wine is aged, it is pumped back to the chai, blended, and delivered through stainless steel pipes, to reduce the use of hoses, to stainless steel tanks in the bottling room. The wine is then transferred to the GAI bottling machine, which automatically sanitizes and fills the bottles, inserts corks, and applies foil and labels, at maximum rate of 1,500 bottles per hour. Only natural corks are used.